Item no.: 62266AA

Doll Carrier EasyCarry, Fairy

This modern doll carrier in an elegant design is suitable for plush toys or dolls up to 46cm. The doll can be carried in front as well as on the back. Thanks to the soft and wide shoulder straps and the wide waist belt, which can be individually adjusted, the child’s little darling can be carried long and comfortably. The integrated seat on the inside of the doll carrier provides additional support for the doll.

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The beautiful doll carrier is suitable for stuffed animals or dolls up to 46cm.

Dolls Carrier suitable for many dolls
Reisebett für Puppen ideal für unterwegs


The shoulder straps, the hip strap and the strap between the shoulder are adjustable.

Beautiful Design

The doll carrier EasyCarry convinces with fashionable colours, high quality and wonderful designs.

Dolls Carrier EasyCarry with beautiful design
Very Comfortable Dolls Carrier EasyCarry


With this modern doll carrier the child’s little darlling can be carried long and comfortably.


It is possible to carry your favourite doll comfortably from the front as well as on the back. The doll is therefore always snuggled up tightly to the child. While carrying the doll, the children have their hands free to play.

Dolls Carrier carryable on the back

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