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First Words Baby Set

Cute little 33 cm soft-bodied doll with 24 baby sounds. If you press her tummy she will make 24 different baby sounds. The doll wears a modern romper with matching cap. Due to its height the doll can easily be taken everywhere. To look after her proberly a pacifier as well as a care product, bottle and tableware are included.

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Soft Body

Cute 33cm / 13inch soft-bodied doll with 24 baby sounds.

First Words Baby Doll with soft body
First Words Baby doll is able to speak


Press her tummy and you will hear 24 different baby sounds.

Romper with cap

The doll wears a modern romper with colour matching cap.

First Words Baby Puppe with romper and cap
First Words Baby Doll always there

Always with you on the journey

Thanks to her size, First Words Baby can be carried wherever you want.


For the daily doll care a pacifier, a care product and a bottle and plate with cutlery are included.

Accessories for First Words Baby Doll
First Words Baby Doll movable


Arms and legs are easy movable for ideal role plays.

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