Item no.: 79201AE

Magic Bottle Milk / Orange

These two magic bottles are an absolute essential if you want to feel like a real mum/dad. With these bottles dolls can be fed like a real baby and as if by magic the bottle gets empty when feeding the little darling and will be automatically refilled afterwards.

Discover the Magic Bottles in Milk and Orange Juice Look!

Empty the Bottles

These milk and orange juice bottles must not be missing in a doll household! As if by magic the bottles empty…

Magic Bottle empty as if by magic
Magic Bottle refill themselves


…and fill up again. This process can be repeated as often as you like.


An absolute essential product for the little doll parents, because with the Magic Bottles they can feed her little darling like a real baby.

Fläschchen Magic Bottle sind für alle Puppen geeignet

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