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Combi Dolls Pram Milano Set

This beautiful play set is perfect for little doll’s mums and dads to take care of their doll or their plush toy. The included modern designed doll‘s pram has an adjustable handle (42-74 cm). Therefore it is easily adaptable to your child's height. The doll‘s pram can be easily converted into a pushchair. The cover of the dolls pram will in either way - sitting or lying position of the doll - protect the doll from sun and wind. The swivel front wheels are perfect for a stable cornering. Moreover the play set includes a bed and a sleeping bag for a calm nap of the doll. The doll‘s pram is suitable for dolls up to 46cm, the sleeping bag and the travel bed is suitable for 42cm dolls. With the plastic accessories (bottle, pacifier, plate, spoon, fork and care items) the children can comfort, feed and take care of their doll. In addition the delivered shoulder bag offers space to store some of the accessory products for the next excursion.

Explore the Combi Dolls Pram Milano with Travel Bed and Sleeping Bag

For dolls up to 46cm

This combi doll pram Milano in modern design offers space for dolls up to 46cm and convinces with wonderful design.

Dolls Pram Milano with wonderful design
Dolls Pram Milano with adjustable handle height

Adjustable Handle

Thanks to its height-adjustable handle (51-73cm) its already suitable for the littlest doll parents.

Swivelling Front Wheels

The swivelling front wheel allows easy cornering. The soft smooth-running wheels are ideal for all terrains.

Dolls Pram Milano with swivelling front wheels
Dolls Pram Milano as a pushchair


With a minimum of effort, the doll’s pram can be converted into a pushchair, so that the doll or soft toy can also be driven in a sitting position.

Beautiful Design

With attention to detail, the fashionable blue unicorn heart design is a real eye-catcher.

Dolls Pram Milano in a beautiful design
Dolls Pram Milano Set with a large shopping basket underneath

Shopping Basket

In the shopping basket you can store everything that the dolls parents need for a wonderful trip.

Shoulder Bag

The included shoulder bag offers a lot of space for doll accessories.

Shoulder Bag of the Dolls Pram Milano
Dolls Pram Milano with smooth running whels

Enjoyable Ride

The large and smoothing running wheels are perfect for smooth driving.

Travel Bed for Dolls

This beautiful travel bed for dolls is an absolute highlight in the children’s room or when on a journey. It can be folded up to save space for easy storage. In this bed dolls up to 42 cm can be put to sleep for beautiful dreams.

Travel Bed suitable for Dolls Pram Milano
Doll with Sleeping Bag


Sleeping Bag for Dolls

With this great sleeping bag the doll can sleep perfectly.


The set also includes a bottle for dolls, pacifiers, plastic tableware and bottles for care products.

Accessories suitable for many dolls

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