Item no.: 94200AB

Newborn Baby Boy

The cute doll (42cm) just looks like a real baby. The baby was designed anatomically and modeled with loving details such as body folds, realistic hands, feet and face. With this doll all doll mums learn responsibility through playing. The doll is waterproof and can therefore be taken in the bathtub. Note: Only to be washed in clear water. Please ensure that no residual traces of water are left inside the doll.

Discover Newborn Baby with a very realistic body

Realistic body

This cute approx. 42 cm tall baby doll was created by our designer with a very realistic body and baby face.

Newborn Baby with realistic body
Newborn Baby playful learning

Joy of Playing

With New Born Baby doll parents can learn the interaction and responsibility with a baby in a playful way. Delivery without accessories.


The baby doll is waterproof and therefore the doll is ready for a bath. It’s bath time! Note: Please only bath the doll in clear water and then make sure that there is no more water left in the doll.

Newborn Baby waterproof and ready for a bath
Newborn Baby is movable


Arms and legs are easy to move, which makes Newborn Baby ideal for imagination plays.

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