Item no.: 30167AA

Dolls Buggy Bordeaux

This beautiful and sturdy doll‘s umbrella pushchair is perfect for the first excursion of the little ones. It has got a lovely design and is suitable for dolls up to 46cm. Thanks to the integrated belt, the doll or plush toy can sit safely without risking falling out. With the double wheels, this doll's umbrella pushchair can be pushed easily. For transportation reasons it can be folded up quickly.

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For dolls up to 46cm

This beautiful and robust doll buggy is just the right thing for all small doll parents. The beautiful fairy design gives a positive mood. Dolls up to approx. 46 cm can sit in the buggy.

Buggy mit Platz für Puppen bis 46cm
Buggy mit Sicherheitsgurt


The safety of the doll or soft toy is ensured by the integrated belt, with which the darling can be fastened safely on every excoursion.

Double Wheels

Thanks to its double wheels you can push the buggy without much effort.

Buggy mit Doppelräder für leichtes schieben
Puppenwagen City Neo als Sportwagen


It can be easily folded for transportation.

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