Discover our Twin Neo dolls pram butterfly edition

For dolls up to 46cm

This modern twin doll’s pram is suitable for dolls up to 46 cm.

Twin Neo dolls pram for large dolls
Twin Neo dolls pram with adjustable handle

Adjustable handle

The twin tandem has flexible sun covers and a height-adjustable handle, therefore it is easily adaptable to the child’s height.


It’s possible to insert each seat in direction of travel or towards the child.

Twin dolls pram Twin Neo with rotating attachments
Twin Neo dolls pram with variable seating position

Seat positions

Moreover the seats can be positioned straight – seat behind seat – or with an angle – one seat is more down, the other one more up.


The twin doll’s pram can be folded up to save space when traveling.

The twin doll pram Twin Neo is easy to fold
Twin Neo dolls pram with a large shopping basket

Shopping basket

Thanks to the integrated shopping basket, everything that is needed for a beautiful day trip, can be stored.

Car seat with hood

It is also possible to mountain the EasyGo doll’s car seat (not included in the delivery) on the twin tandem.

Doll shell suitable for Twin Neo dolls prams

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