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Bayer Design Dolls


High quality dolls in different sizes.

Bayer Design Dolls pram

Dolls pram

Durable dolls pram in modern designs.

Bayer Design Styling heads

Styling heads with makeup

Realize styling ideas with Super Model.

Bayer Design Accessories for Dolls

Dolls accessories

Accessories suitable for many dolls.

Bayer Design plush items

Plush night lights

Night light Sleepo plays 6 calming songs.

Bayer Design Charlene Logo
Bayer Design Charlene Doll with 100 Functions
Bayer Design -Charlene - Trennstrich

Charlene collection dolls and styling heads are characterized by their beautiful hair. They are ideal for styling and playfully train the children’s dexterity. Of course Charlene dolls come with great hair accessories and functions, so that varied role-playing games for the children are made possible.

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Bayer Design Lisa Logo
Bayer Design Lisa Baby doll
Bayer Design - Lisa - Trennstrich

The Lisa range baby dolls have a language function that encourages children to interact and promotes language development. The Lisa dolls with a hard body and life like skin and baby like appearance, are ideal for role-playing games. These details put the care of the doll in the center.

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Bayer Design Piccolina Logo
Bayer Design Piccolina Love hard body dolls
Bayer Design - Piccolina - Trennstrich

The Piccolina baby dolls are ideal for creative role-playing games due to their functions, their loving appearance and the included accessories. The focus is on taking care of, feeding, playing, comforting or wrapping the doll. The different functions of the dolls ensure even more fun.

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